We Value our Members, and our Members Value Us!

The BC Pediatric Society represents all pediatricians in British Columbia through our affiliation with the Doctors of BC (as the Section of Pediatrics), as well as with the Society of Specialist Physicians and Surgeons. And we advocate on behalf of all the children and youth in British Columbia in terms of health care needs.

For these reasons, we really encourage all pediatricians to be members of the BC Pediatric Society.

The BC Pediatric Society advocates for you – economically.
In 2013 our Economics Representatives worked hard to obtain fee for service dollars from the Recruitment and Retention Fund – and we were very successful (modified fees and new fees are close to being established)! The BC Pediatric Society represents the economic interests of BC pediatricians as the Section of Pediatrics in the BC Medical Association (BCMA), and as the Section of Pediatrics at the Society of Specialty Physicians and Surgeons (SSPS). Physicians’ compensation is negotiated through a formal process between the BCMA and the BC Government. The BCPS is very active in preparing submissions for this process and working to correct disparities among the sections.

Advocacy Projects
We also have a number of advocacy for children and families projects going on – three projects aimed at increasing vaccine uptake, one project aimed at reducing the intake of sugar sweetened beverages, another focused on enhancing care for ADHD across the province, and extensive advocacy around children and mental health (particularly in the area of wait times and access to services).

The BCPS Advocacy priorities are identified annually and has been recognized as an effective contributor to provincial advocacy initiatives.

The Prescription Pad Newsletter
We publish a b-monthly newsletter, "The Prescription Pad", with current topics about public health, practice-related articles, BCCH Departmental Updates, upcoming conference information, current studies as well as useful links.

Locum Registry
The BCPS provides a service as a central source of information for those pediatricians requiring and those providing locum service.

Continuing Medical Education
We also provide accredited learning events – our annual two day conference and a series of evening journal clubs. BCPS members get a significant discount to registration fees for the two day conference!

Regional Representation
The BCPS executive has representation of the pediatricians working in the all the health authorities in British Columbia. These directors act as the liaison for the pediatricians in the local areas bringing forth and communicating back on relevant issues in an effective and timely manner.

Be part of the BC Pediatric Society's efforts on behalf of pediatricians and children and their families in B.C. - together we can unite in a stronger voice.

BC Pediatric Society
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